Session 2 witnesses


Stuart Pratt – blogger ( and compiler of cases studies of cycling fatalities.

Carrie Kembleton – solicitor and victim of aggressive driving, has lost confidence in the police.

Jatinder Sangha – has submitted multiple examples of bad driving to his local police force, with mixed results.


Barry Winter – severely injured in a crash and aggrieved by the workings of the court system and weak sentence.

Jill Libby – very seriously injured in a multiple car crash, in which one car hit her on a rural road.

Richard Clifford – injured in a what appears to be a clear cut case but defendant successfully appealed case at the Magistrates’ Court.


Kate Cairns – Kate’s sister Eilidh was killed in a collision with a lorry on Notting Hill Gate in 2009. Following a very weak investigation, the driver was not prosecuted for more than defective eyesight and continued driving. He ran over and killed a pedestrian, Nora Gutmann two years later.