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The APPGCW membership is open to all members of Parliament – if you are interested in promoting cycling we encourage you to join the group. MPs and Peers wanting to join the APPGCW should send us an email.

Non-parliamentarians can become Associate Members of the APPGCW and get access to all of all our meetings and events.

We are proud to be supported by over 90 Associate Members

Associate Members help shape our future work and priorities, including:

Setting the focus and topics of meetings.

Proving ideas and evidence to support our questions and contributions in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Participation in campaign events and other high profile activities.

Supporting and participation media work of the Group.

Networking opportunities with the APPGCW, key stakeholders and other Associate Members.

Associate Members also provide the financial support we require to carry out our key activities.

Please contact us for more details.

Dame Sarah Storey speaking at an APPGCW event

APPGCW discussion panel