News update September – October 2020

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: what is the evidence 


How SUVS conquered the world


Major London road becomes car free during the day


My priorities as Labour’s new Shadow Transport Secretary


£2 million fund for local action on air quality


West Sussex progresses plan to create 21kms of temporary cycle lanes


Asphalt roads make city air pollution worse in summer, study finds


1,080 Bikehangar parking spaces to be installed in Edinburgh


Government launches consultation on pavement parking ban


50 miles of London bus lanes to be banned to cars 24/7


PODCAST: Chris Boardman on Channel 4 News


How AI helps predict traffic and determine routes


Driver has sentence increased for dangerous driving conviction


New 20mph speed limit across Westminster


Ruth Cadbury on the Highway Code proposals


Shoreham cycleway taken out after complaints


Bournemouth and Poole Council u-turns on road closures and cycle lane bollards


How low traffic solutions help re-shape and revive our streets


Halfords sees electric bike and scooter sales up 230%


DfT cycling statistics 2019  


Drivers who kill others could receive life sentences under new laws


Wandsworth Council suspends Low Traffic Neighbourhood 


E-scooter trial put on hold in Coventry five days after rollout    


End Government’s War On The U.K. Motorist, Argues Government


80 cycling and walking projects for Cambridgeshire 


Scottish cycling levels up by 43%


Strava provides cities with free data


Schemes boosting cycling and walking accelerate across the UK


‘Rat-running’ increases on residential UK streets as experts blame satnav apps


Hackney councillor sent death threats over support for low traffic neighbourhoods


E-scooters in Milton Keynes have 10,000 rides in a month


House of Lords briefing on E-scooters


£2 million announced to help more children to cycle or walk to school


Why we need media reporting guidelines for road safety


71% of parents want improved cycle to school options reveals survey


DfT reported road casualties 2019


Temporary cycle lane is removed on The Wirral




Legalise e-scooters in UK as alternative to short car trips, MPs say


Bike boom continues at Halfords as retailer raises profit forecast


NHS becomes world’s first health system to commit to net zero


VIDEO: Europe’s Cycling Revolution


‘Dramatic’ plunge in London air pollution since 2016, report finds


Transforming Cities grants awarded by DfT


10 of Britain’s historic hidden-gem LTNs


Temporary bus gates plan in Oxford set to be thrown out


Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone will launch in June 202


Living Streets launches its new five-year strategy today


Leeds City Council has shelved plans for a Clean Air Zone


500 low traffic projects around the UK


Average speed cameras cut Welsh air pollution by half


Tyneside Set To Dismantle Popular Cycleway


DfT consult on expanding the offence of using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving


Fitting Childseat To Bicycle Increases Overtaking Distances By Motorists


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps Sends Cycling Letter To Local Authorities Reminding Them That Motoring Gets More Funding


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