News stories – July 2020

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How Anne Hidalgo’s anti-car policies won her re-election in Paris


Rental e-scooters to be made legal on roads in Great Britain from Saturday


Transport use during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


VIDEO: How to build a city around bikes 


Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 1 final allocations      


Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool rolls out rental e-scooter trial


Major NHS Trust boss backs council’s plans for walking and cycling


MP helps force removal of pop-up cycle lane after just three days


Local councillor wants removal of Brighton pop-up cycle lane


European Cargo Bike sector set to grow 50% this year


Through-traffic is to be banned from a number of London parks


3 million e-Bikes sold in Europe in 2019


Devon will use Strava to prioritise popular cycling roads for repairs


Review of roads policing announced by the DfT and Home Office


DfT asks public for ideas on how to decarbonise transport


Compelling evidence air pollution worsens coronavirus


London Boroughs back road charging


English councils backpedal on cycling schemes after  backlash


Pedestrian fatality risk and vehicle engine Size


20mph residential streets speed limit plans backed by Welsh Government


Less policing ‘causing rise in road deaths in England and Wales’


Map reveals locations of pop-up walking and cycling measures


Government owned car parks could hold the key to 110,000 new homes


Lorry driver with expired driving licence kills a cyclist after not stopping at a give way sign, but is not charged with any offence


National Cycle Network cuts a quarter of its routes on safety grounds


Wales allocated £38 million cycling and walking pot


TfL launches online Cycle Skills course


UK plans to boost cycling and walking under threat, say campaigners


£3.1m schemes to enable thousands more cycling and walking journeys in Greater Manchester


Government launches an obesity strategy


Cycling ambitions for England move up a gear with No 10 plans


RAC opposes some of the changes to Britain’s road rules that favour cyclists and pedestrians


Campaign group permitted to challenge Government road building plans


First round of £50 fix your bike vouchers gone within hours


10 years of London’s cycle hire scheme


Met police encourages use of cameras to record bad driving


Cambridge’s new Dutch style roundabout slows motorists, favouring cyclists and pedestrians


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